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Case Study 3

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Case Study : Restaurant Chain

Small chain of Italian and English restaurants. Total employees circa 53 with mix of friends from Italy and English workers. First restaurant had been opened by the Italian MD and he had grown it to 4 Italian restaurants and 1 English Gastropub.

No employment contracts had been drafted or provided for either Management or more junior staff. Nor had any Staff Handbooks been provided. The new Operations manager was very worried that they were exposed both in respect of failure to adhere to employment law by failing to provide a contract. Further concern was expensive legal fees whenever an issue arose. She described one occasion when she need some brief legal advice on an HR issue in respect of 1 employee – this had involved a short telephone conversation with a solicitor for which she had been billed £180 plus VAT.

We were able to provide contracts of employment for all staff and managers for £500 and employee handbooks across all sites for £400. These prices were quoted, agreed and fixed in advance. This included full support in implementation of the same. Further we have entered into a retainer agreement for all sites and employees at a price of £265 per month. This involves only a fixed 6 month tie in and then a rolling monthly contract giving the owner and ops manager full HR support and control over cashflow. They are on the bronze package will gives them full protection up to tribunal. Any tribunal costs will be quoted for in advance and will be fixed fees only.

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