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Case Study 1

We acted for a retained client employing around 250 people in a call centre environment. Because the nature of the retainer encourages close and frequent contact between the client and ourselves, we were in at the very beginning when an employee raised a grievance making serious allegations of race and pregnancy discrimination.

Case Study 2

In addition to the side of our practice that is based on pragmatic responsive retained support for our employer clients, we also act on a project basis for non-retained clients, where we are brought in to solve a particular issue.

Case Study 3

Small chain of Italian and English restaurants. Total employees circa 53 with mix of friends from Italy and English workers. First restaurant had been opened by the Italian MD and he had grown it to 4 Italian restaurants and 1 English Gastropub.

Case Study 4

Specialised business supporting building constructors/contractors in clearance and decontamination of brownfield sites for new developments. Fast growing business where employee numbers have doubled from 18 to over 30 in 3 year period.

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